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Vispring Mattresses - Hand Crafted Beds, Made to Measure

Profoundly attached to the values of excellence and craftsmanship, Vispring epitomizes a distinctively British form of elegance.

Vispring beds combine technical prowess with a bespoke approach worthy of the finest tailoring. They are the product of a ceaseless quest for the ultimate in quality coupled with lasting respect for traditional workmanship.

They have graced the first class cabins of legendary ocean liners - including the Titanic and the Queen Elizabeth II - and the suites of the world's most luxurious hotels, such as London's Park Lane and Savoy.

Today, they remain the international standard for comfort and sophistication - and they are available at sleep. in San Jose's Santana Row as well as in Campbell, on the corner of Bascom and Hamilton.


A bespoke bed by Vispring is a guarantee of supreme luxury and untroubled sleep. For over a century, we have been refining the subtle art of matching the ideal combination of spring size, tension and resilience with the finest materials nature has to offer.

Inventor of the pocket spring in 1901, Vispring has been the technology’s leading specialist ever since. Producing all our own springs from the best Vanadium steel, we fit each mattress and divan with a unique selection to offer a broad range of sleeping options. You can even specify your preferred spring tension to ensure a perfect bed.

We use nothing but the finest natural fibers, expertly selected and blended for the ultimate in comfort and support. Once they have been hand-teased and laid over the springs, each mattress is side-stitched by hand for long-lasting strength. Finished with an exquisite fabric and embroidered with the Vispring name, it is testimony to an expertise that has never been equalled.


Enclosed in pockets of pure calico, the springs are arranged in a honeycomb pattern. Careful hand-nesting enables each one to function independently, supplying perfect support for every inch of your body.


A blend of luxurious natural fibers envelops the core within a sumptuous outer cushion. These fillings are sealed by hand between the outer fabric and the border – a job that calls for dexterity and skill.


Genuine side-stitching by hand anchors the border to the spring unit, providing supportive strength to the mattress edges and extending its lifespan. It is an intricate technique that craftsmen take many years to master.


Hand-tufting holds the fillings in place, while creating a characteristically domed surface effect. Like a family heirloom, the mattress is then embroidered with its name – the hallmark of a distinguished lineage.

Vispring's bespoke beds combine technical expertise with the finest natural ingredients. Discover what goes into the best beds in the world.


As our name suggests, springs are a precious ingredient in the Vispring recipe. They work in harmony with your bed’s upholstery to supply a delicate balance of strength and softness. we produce all our springs ourselves, in a process practically unchanged since 1901.


Our beds are upholstered with only the finest natural fibers, selected and blended for the ultimate in comfort and support. Nourished by the elements, distilled by the seasons, they are the gifts of a generous and benevolent Nature: silk, mohair, wool, bamboo, horsehair, cotton, vicuna and cashmere.

All of this, with our practices dedicated to

Long-lasting, pure and exquisitely soft, our natural fillings preserve the delicate balance of the world in which we live. At Vispring, that intention informs everything we do.

Vispring Masterpiece
The Masterpiece features two layers of superbly responsive Vispring nested springs; a hand teased filling of Real Shetland Wool, European long stranded horsetail, cashmere, alpaca, bamboo and cotton; and five rows of side stitching that will have taken six hours to sew by hand. The Masterpiece is shown with the Eccleston headboard. Divan and headboard are upholstered in Imperial Gold silk.
Vispring Signatory
Cashmere, real Shetland wool and horsetail provide a sumptuous level of comfort and support for an unbelievable night’s sleep.
Vispring Sublime Superb
The finest natural fillings – real Shetland Wool and British fleece wool, horsetail, silk and mohair – provide the softest covering for thousands of Vispring’s unique springs, hand laid in a double layer for definitive comfort and support.

Vispring Shetland Superb
The Vispring Shetland Superb mattress is generously upholstered in pure hand teased real Shetland wool with softly needled British fleece wool. A covering of worsted wool fabric and woolen tufts finishes the mattress.
Vispring Classic Superb
The Vispring Classic Superb is uniquely upholstered with long stranded horsetail, hand teased and laid by Vispring’s craftsmen using age old skills. The result is a luxuriously soft, springy and supportive bed with a traditional feel.
Vispring Regal Superb
A carefully judged blend of horsetail and British fleece wool provides the perfect balance of springiness, softness and support, underpinned by Vispring’s unique six turn pocket springs.
Vispring Coronet
More than fifteen hundred Vispring six turn springs, made from fine wire offering flexibility and strength, work in harmony with British fleece wool and cotton upholstery, to provide an exceptional level of comfort.
Vispring Elite
Vispring’s entry level mattress surpasses the best offerings from most other bed manufacturers. A deep filling of British fleece wool and cotton overlays Vispring’s unique six turn springs, for unqualified comfort.

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