Personal Pillow Bar Gifts

Unique gifts for special people.

Who doesn’t need and long for a good night’s sleep?!

Just think of sending a gift that incorporates luxury with a purpose – and every night they will thank you again and again.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Anniversary and Birthday, Wedding and Holiday giving, Valentine’s Day, Graduation or off to college...
...almost any special occasion deserves the gift of a good night’s sleep – always appropriate and always appreciated.

And in addition to sending your friends and loved ones a fabulous night’s sleep, you also have the opportunity to make it personal and complement the gift with the soothing aroma of French lavender and beautiful gift wrap at no additional charge.

Share your warmest thoughts, life advice, a humorous nickname or even the verse that expresses your thoughts… whatever your message, it will be personal and memorable for years to come.

Come in to Hastens at Santana Row today to see what we have in store for you - and for that unique personal gift for someone special.