Mattress Flipping

Schedule your professional mattress flipping service from sleep. in San Jose's Santana Row.

Extend the life and comfort of your world class mattress with Professional Mattress Flipping

For optimal use, you should plan on turning and rotating your Hästens or ViSpring mattress every six to twelve weeks. This ensures that a larger part of the sleeping surface is adjusting to your body and sleeping positions. This requires flipping the mattress 180 degrees each time, alternately from left to right and from head end to foot end. 

To maximize your Hästens or ViSpring bed conforming to your body, it should be rotated every six to twelve weeks as well.

At sleep., we provide professional mattress flipping to help maintain your finest sleep experience for years to come. 

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Check out this demo of Hästens mattress rotating and flipping to see how we do it!