The world's finest mattresses from Hästens, & Vispring - plus Coyuchi Bedding, Copeland Furniture & the Pillow Bar - all right here at Santana Row in San Jose.

Hästens Vividus

Every Vividus is unique. Each one takes 140-160 hours to build, and is made entirely by hand using only the finest natural materials.
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Hästens Luxuria

Hästens Luxuria is an incredibly comfortable bed, hand-stuffed with horsehair and carefully selected natural materials.
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Hästens 2000TII

Hästens 2000T II is one of Hästens’ most exclusive beds, featuring exquisite detail and unique design.
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The world's finest mattresses including Hästens and Vispring, Coyuchi bedding - and more - from sleep in San Jose's beautiful Santana Row.

Financing Options

We want to make sure you get the best sleep of your life on your new Vispring or Hästens mattress - so we feature a variety of financing opportunities so your budget doesn't keep you up at night.

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Mattress Flipping - Feb 2016

Your qualifying purchase of a Hästens or Vispring mattress at sleep can help someone far less fortunate sleep better at night.

We believe in the power of sleep to improve everyone's days. And we are grateful for the opportunity to help improve the lives of those less fortunate by donating to Relief Bed with every qualifying purchase of a mattress from our Santana Row showroom.

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