Copeland Furniture

Natural, hand-crafted hardwood furniture made by craftsmen in Vermont.


Skilled craftspeople attend to each piece of Copeland furniture, ensuring that the joinery is solid, surfaces are sanded smooth, and the finish is exquisite.

Perfect dovetail cuts, edge shapes, hole drills and other intricate processes are executed with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machining centers. Copeland craftspeople combine this state-of-the-art technology with traditional woodworking techniques to turn out the highest quality joinery, case construction, and finishing. Your Copeland furniture will be enjoyed for generations.

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The Copeland Furniture Story

With a vision to create a family owned and operated enterprise, Copeland Furniture set out in the early 1970s to make wood products from natural hardwoods. Initially, they made cider presses for home and small-scale orchard use. From there their designs evolved into butcher-block kitchen furniture and Adirondack-style porch furniture, items that were functional and affordable for baby-boomers as they furnished their first homes.

During Copeland's many periods of growth, they have changed from a one-man operation in an old garage in East Corinth, Vermont, to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Bradford, Vermont. Using a combination of leading-edge computer technology and traditional craftsman technique, Copeland Furniture has created an enterprise that is embedded in their local community, a place that provides a fulfilling work environment for the men and women who go to work there every day.

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Copeland Furniture is truly an extraordinary American success story - and a story of quality, craftsmanship and environmental responsibility. We invite you to learn more about the dedication, skill and stewardship that make Copeland Furniture an industry leader - and what makes us proud to feature their extraordinary line of bedroom furniture here at Sleep.

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