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REM-Fit Sleep Mattresses. Great sleep. Great technology. Amazing Value.

REM-Fit mattresses are perfect for young, active, value conscious lifestyles like yours

sleep.  and REM-Fit bring you an extraordinary mattress at an amazing price, delivered FREE in just a few days - it's truly the perfect mattress for your active lifestyle.

REM-Fit began as a division of Protect-A-Bed (a company with over 35 years in the bedding industry) as a brand that focuses on sleep recovery. Their line of waterproof sheets, pillow cases and zippered encasements enhance the sleep experience of any mattress.

While their products are the perfect compliment to any mattress, they found that if they wanted to make the absolute best sleep recovery experience, they needed to create their own custom line of mattresses. When looking at what is currently available REM-Fit learned that some people think that one style of mattress is right for everyone - and they absolutely disagree. REM-Fit also felt that most quality mattresses are too expensive, and they don't think they need to be. Finally, REM-Fit believes buying a quality, technologically advanced mattress should be easy.

With the introduction of the REM-Fit Sleep Mattress collection, REM-Fit has created three distinctly different mattresses so you can pick the one that's right for you. They also made sure that all of their mattresses are affordable. REM-Fit has even partnered with businesses like sleep. to ship them to you free and give you 100 days to make sure it's the right mattress for you.

Mattress buying doesn't need to be difficult - or expensive - or stressful. Welcome to a great night's sleep. Welcome to the REM-Fit Sleep Mattress collection.

100 Night Rest Easy Guarantee.

At sleep., we want you to feel comfortable on your new REM-Fit mattress, so we offer you a 100 Night Rest Easy Guarantee when you buy your REM-Fit mattress here on While it may take your body up to a month to acclimate to your new REM-Fit Mattress, should the feel not be for you after your 30-day trial, we are here to help. After spending at least 30-days with your new mattress, if you don’t feel it is right for you, just let us know and we will do what we need to make it right – including giving you a full refund during the 100 Night Rest Easy Guarantee.

FREE Ground Shipping.

Your REM-Fit Sleep Series Mattress will ship to you free of charge within 5 business days in the continental US. Just pick the one you want, and let us take care of getting it to you.

10-25 Year Warranty.

Each of our mattresses features an amazing warranty. The 200 Series mattress features a 10 year warranty. The 300 and 400 Series mattresses feature an incredible 25 year warranty! You can see our full warranty here, but basically, you can just focus on sleeping - we built you an awesome mattress.

Compare REM-Fit Mattresses to the Competition:

  Rem-Fit 400  Rem-Fit 300  Rem-Fit 200  Casper Leesa  Yoga Bed 
Perfect for All Side Sleepers   X          
Perfect for Side/Back Sleepers > 175 lbs  X      
Perfect for Side/Back Sleepers < 175 lbs   X        X  
Perfect for Back Sleepers > 175 lbs    X   X X X
Perfect for Back Sleepers < 175 lbs            
Perfect for Stomach Sleepers > 175 lbs     X X X X
 Perfect for Stomach Sleepers < 175 lbs     X X X X
 Firmness 1 = Extra Soft 10 = Extra Firm 4 5 7 7 8 8
25 Year Warranty  X          
10 Year Warranty    X X X X X
Free Fitness Tracker ($199 Value) X X X      
 Free Delivery X X
 Made in the USA X X
Queen Price  $999 $799 $649  $850 $890 $849